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Pure Bred Saulsbury Berkshires1 Bred at Fairview, Camden, NSW 2 Nutritionaly balanced diet3 Raised to live calmly and happily4 Happy pigs have curly tails5 Free to roam, play, dig and wallow6

Berkshire Pigs - free range and happy!

From our ancestral family farm at Camden, just an hour south-west of Sydney, Saulsbury Berkshires produce highly marbled, pink and succulent slow-grown Berkshire pork from happy free-roaming purebred Berkshire pigs 

Our farm works exclusively with Wollondilly Abattoir, just 20 kilometres away, ensuring that our pigs remain stress-free to the end. At the moment, all the suckers we produce are spoken for so we are unable to supply new customers, but we are expanding the herd through highly selective breeding and acquisitions when good stud gilts with complementary bloodlines become available. 

All of our pigs are from purebred dams and sires with outstanding bloodlines. We pride ourselves on breeder selection to ensure that the highly desirable Berkshire characteristics are preserved and reflected in all our carcasses.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to sustainable farming practices and responsible land stewardship and work with other local farmers to ensure that agriculture has a future in the Sydney Basin. We're also passionate about preserving historic "Fairview" farm for future generations.

Saulsbury Berkshires proudly remain small scale; placing pig well being and contentment first in all our operations and leaving as light a footprint on the land as possible.

We pride ourselves on raising happy and healthy free-roaming pigs from prize winning bloodlines.

Our pigs enjoy a balanced and varied diet including both commercial grain mixes and home-grown crops using seed saved over decades and also have the opportunity to graze on pastures, dig and wallow.

Happy free roaming pigs

Prize winning bloodlines

Pasture and grain fed

Pure Bred, Free Range

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